Everyone knows you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but that is exactly what we tend to do. A book cover gives us the first taste of what is to come, we should be able to imagine what a book will be about just by looking at the cover. It is therefore essential that you consider your cover carefully as it is a vital marketing tool for your book and will contribute to its success. With this in mind it is advisable to get a professional involved at the outset. Think of it as a long-term investment.

Important cover elements include:

Image/illustration – this should reflect the genre and be visually striking. It should stand out and grab the reader, encouraging them to look inside. It must be a high resolution image which will reproduce clearly, it is no use finding a great image but it is too poor to print well.

Title – While the cover image attracts attention the title should serve to keep attention. Again, it should capture the flavour of the book without revealing too much. It should be memorable.

Spine – This is the part of the book which will be seen when on a book shelf. It is therefore as important as the front cover. It should display the title and author clearly and ideally stand out from the crowd!

Back Cover – The front cover makes the initial impact but the back cover can often make up a potential reader’s mind as to whether to make a purchase. Consisting of a synopsis of the book, the back cover offers an insight into what the book is about and it should therefore be considered carefully. Whilst the back cover should flow with the front cover, it should focus more on the words. Font style is important, as is spacing, it should be clear and easy to read as well as pleasing to look at.

It is clear that a book cover is one of the most important aspects of marketing your book. So, if you don’t have the skills needed why not give us a call today on 01487 843311 or email [email protected]

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