Start on paper

It is tempting to skip this stage and hop straight on the computer but it is beneficial to start sketching your ideas first. If you start on paper you will have a lot more freedom to experiment and create new ideas.

Use the right program

Illustrator is the perfect program to create your logo in. Your logo will need to be rescaled for different sized marketing material so it is important that this is can be done without affecting the quality. A vector graphic will allow your logo to be scaled up without pixilation and it will appear crisp and clear whether it is on a business card or a giant billboard.

Choose colour carefully

One of the most important considerations for logo design is the colour palette. Don’t forget that colours have meanings and communicate ideas, use this to your advantage. Remember too that a good logo should work in greyscale also. You should also consider where you are going to use your logo and whether you should have different versions for this reason.

Keep it simple

Some of the best logos are simple. Simple logos can be powerful and generally stand the test of time. Take the Apple logo for example, the silhouette of an apple with a missing bite is simple but unique, it has character and meaning and it is now an unmistakable brand.

Try an original typeface

If you can, why not create an original typeface or adjust an existing one to give your logo an element of originality. Custom lettering will give your logo flair and absolutely no-one else will have it!

If you need help creating your logo or you have the idea but just can’t generate the artwork, then why not give us a call today on 01487 843311 or email [email protected].

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