Spot UV has the ability to make anything feel and look instantly more luxurious. It can highlight design elements creating that little bit of extra flair. However, some careful thought is required when deciding where and when to use spot uv.


Spot uv can really appeal to people’s sense of touch. When used in abundance its unique feel can create an illusion of texture.


An easy way of creating an effective design with spot uv is to use repetition. Repeating a particular element, be it a symbol or even your company logo and highlighting this with the application of spot uv.


Spot uv is most effective when the colour beneath it remains the same. When applied to a large block of colour, the glossy finish of the spot uv is enough to highlight specific shapes from the background. This allows for very subtle, sophisticated images to be created.


Be clever with spot uv, when applied to specific areas it can give people a visual hint at what you do. Choose relevant areas to apply the finish, don’t just use it because you can it will be less effective.

Negative Space

Instead of using spot uv to make a particular element stand out, think about using it in the opposite way. You can emphasise the contrast between the spot uv and the uncoated paper and create a feature out of the absence of spot uv.

Now you have our guide to using spot uv, why not be brave and try it. Business cards are the perfect place to make a statement and we can help you to get it right. Call today on 01487 843311 or email [email protected]

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