How to design a flyer

A well-designed flyer should catch your attention and maybe even get you to take action.

They can be used as a general marketing tool or to advertise a specific event. Whatever your reason, there are several key design decisions that should be considered to make sure your flyer doesn’t end up in the bin or at the bottom of a pile of bills!

Colour choice

Bright, bold colours can really pack a punch. They will definitely attract attention and can be used to reflect what you are advertising – achieving two aims in one hit. Colours will also pull your design together. Staying within the same colour family (warm or cool) will unify your design.

Mix up your text

Using a combination of font styles and sizes can create a distinctive, individual look and help your flyer stand out.

Keep it simple

A design doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. A simple, elegant approach can have impact too. Text kept to a minimum, good use of space together with a strong image can give a flyer an understated sophisticated look.

Use patterns and shapes

The human eye naturally notices patterns and shapes so using them on your flyer is a guaranteed way of getting people to look at it. They make a striking visual statement and can be repeated throughout your design to give it continuity. They can also be used to draw attention to a specific part of your design to make it a point of focus.

Content Choice

While the design of your flyer is important even the best looking flyer in the world will not be effective if the content isn’t right. An eye-catching headline should give your consumer a reason to read the flyer. Pose an interesting question or an offer. Include your company logo and relevant graphics, it should be obvious who the flyer is about and your branding should stand out. Include bullet points to keep information concise and to the point. You need to include just enough information to generate interest but not too much to lose their interest. Finally, don’t forget to include your contact information – email, telephone and website as a minimum.

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