Don’t use borders

Avoiding straight lines around the edge of a business card is a good idea. The printing process is not 100% accurate and this can result in a lopsided border!

Don’t limit yourself to one design

Be creative and have several varieties on one design theme. A different design for each member of staff can be very effective. It can be something as simple as changing a colour within the design for each individual.

Don’t use special finishes unnecessarily

Special finishes can make business cards stand out but they don’t always work, especially if they are used in the wrong place. Think carefully before opting for a special finish and consider whether it will enhance the design or detract from it. A bad choice can make a design illegible and render it useless.

Don’t include too much

A business card is generally 85x55mm and you should remember that when considering what you would like to include on it. Don’t cram too much information on the card. Keep it simple and clear, including the essential information only.

Don’t scrimp

When it comes to designing and printing your business card it is worth getting it done properly. A well designed and printed card reflects well on your business and is a definite investment as it lasts longer too.

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